P / P Interview: Gregg Foreman of Cat Power

Interview By: Jordannah Elizabeth


I met Gregg Foreman at a Pink Mountaintops show a couple of months back in San Francisco, CA. Of course, I’d been hearing his name for years as we have a number of mutual friends and acquaintances. After the show, I said my goodbyes to everyone and Gregg was very kind and sweet nurtured. Because of his kindness, I thought it would be nice to learn more about his history, and to share it with all of you.

Gregg is an underground legend. He contributes his unique sound to a plethora of your favorite post modern psych, shoegaze and alternative bands. He shouldn’t only be a household name to musicians and promoters who have lived in L.A. (I am one of them), and international shoegaze and psych connoisseurs. His influence should touch the lives of anyone who has a taste and desire for great music and true rock and roll composition.

Foreman is best known for his work with Cat Power, which should genuinely answer any of your questions in regards to his relevance in contemporary music history, but again, take some time to learn a bit more about him. I was personally convinced to learn more because of his big brown eyes, but that probably won’t win everyone over. Continue reading


P / P Album Review: Pink Mountaintops – Get Back + Q&A with Stephen McBean

Written By: Giovan Alonzi


As a goof, or jest, or in some sort of lampooning of something conventional—you, me, a “rock band,” a “main musical project”—Pink Mountaintops (often considered Stephen McBean’s side project next to Black Mountain) has not failed to, yet again, crank out a work of indulgence. Not indulgent like Dragon Force, or a math rock band, or that “noise band you’ve always wanted to destroy music with.” No, Pink Mountaintops’ indulgence lands inside something giant and wet and poppy. Take, for instance, the melting croon that opens, Sixteen:

As the people stood around and stared / we were racing passed the walls / outside the bars of innocence / we could steal it all Continue reading