P / P Introspective: Blogs I Live By

Written By: Jordannah Elizabeth


I’ve been a blogger since I was about 11 years old. Long before Friendster, Myspace and Facebook emerged; the internet was a secret hiding place for intelligent introverted (young, nerdy) writers and graphic designers to express themselves without the drama or disdain of the outside world…or trolls.

Reading and writing are activities that sculpted my identity as a child, and they continue to morph and mold my personality and lifestyle as an adult. I was not a great student. I was moody and strange and very quiet. My parents were divorced and although I had brothers and a circle of friends, I have always experienced a loneliness that only words could heal. I scribbled in notebooks and journals, writing short stories, poems and songs by hand, but when I discovered the internet in 1997, I became completely enamored and wanted to know everything about it.

I learned how to create an email account, and designed “do it yourself, java and template based websites on webspace providers like GeoCities, Tripod and Angelfire. As I got older, I taught myself HTML and my mother bought me domain names so I could own, design and write my own “webjournals”. I cracked codes to Photoshop 5.5 and Paint Shop Pro 7, and built and designed my own web-world in the midst of the pioneering internet nerds that are probably currently making a living, being just that. Continue reading