P / P Q&A: Author and Poet Cecilia Corrigan

Written By: Skyler Warren
Forward and Edited By: Jordannah Elizabeth


“In this epic love poem, the human narrator falls in love with a chatbot and, throughout the book, tries to figure out if the other can truly love the narrator back. The narrator goes from feeling vulnerable to making the leap into virtual reality to spend time with their loved one.”


Cecilia Corrigan is an accomplished New York City based writer and poet who has a new published collection of poems called, Titanic. After a prestigeous stint working as a writer for HBO, Corrigan now focuses on her published work that reflects her fascination and interpretation of the world through her creative perceptions.

We’re always interested in learning about and from writers and artists who maintain innovative and post modern ideas about how our social and cultural world presents itself to us. It gives us a chance to see a new angle on art that we may not have seen without learning of another creative professional’s unique experience.

Technology is a focal point in popular culture and Celicia’s her new book. We had a chat with her to get a better understanding of why she and her readers are so connected with television, popular culture and the idea that can one can have a love affair with their computer: Continue reading