Written By: Jordannah Elizabeth


Writer to Writer is a series that allows me to talk to other authors who I’ve been able to collaborate with personally or professionally. I’ve never met Jesse Valencia in person, but I was active in the neo psychedelia and shoegaze music scene around the time he went public with his desire to write a book on the controversial, enigmatic and (many would say) brilliant rock and roll band, the Brian Jonestown Massacre. He started his journey in 2009 and interviewed me early on for my account as a blogger and a bit of an interloper within the vortex of the band’s leader, Anton Newcombe’s growing circle of fans, eccentrics, writers, musicians, artists and followers.

In 2015, I had contacted Jesse to let him know I’d attained a book deal and he excitedly announced to me that he’d gotten one as well. He interviewed me on his blog, so I thought it just as well that I interview him on Publik / Private! Without further ado, from one writer to another, check out my convo with Jesse Valencia on his book, Straight Up And Down With The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Continue reading


P / P Album Review: The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Revelation

Written By: Jordannah Elizabeth


“Third Wave Anton Newcombe.”

It’s difficult to begin this review because I don’t want to be overzealous. I don’t want to blurt out that this is probably the best album Anton Newcombe has ever written. I’ve spent so many years fighting with my editors on the tiniest morsels of semantics and nuances of the full portrait of Newcombe’s work, and at the same time, I’ve been holding my breath through the “Post Brian Jonestown Massacre Era” waiting for Newcombe to wake up from his jet setting haze of manic soundscapes, and to return to the heart of the matter, and back to the root of the deepest layers of BJM’s artistic statement. The “Post Brian Jonestown Massacre Era” is a collection of the band’s work spanning from 2008’s My Bloody Underground to 2010’s Who Killed Sgt. Pepper and 2012’s Aufheben. Continue reading