P / P Essay: Everything Is Of Consequence (II)

Two of Pentacles, various tarot visual interpretations.

For many years, my favorite words to write were “it is of no consequence”, but as time has gone on, as I have matured and grown I realize that everything is of consequence. The choices we make, the words we share, the emotions we project create ripple effects throughout our limited Universes. I say “limited” because many times, we cannot see past our noses and navigate our affairs unaware of the lives that flow and exist in far off lands like India, Estonia, and remote villages in Africa.

The global mind is not acknowledged or encouraged in American culture – we are not taught to stretch our imaginations to fantasize about the different cultures that share our human nature but go about their tangible experiences in very different ways. The consequence is that our capacity for empathy is not tested, irritated like a metamorphosed crystal and elongated to reach the inner and outer reaches of our imprisoned souls who cannot expand without mental, emotional, and spiritual exploration.

During this technological renaissance, it can be daunting to figure out how to be kind to multitudes of beings. How can we be a good human being to everyone we encounter? How do we cultivate discipline over our emotions and desires to put other’s needs before ours? And when we contemplate these thoughts, a bigger question arises of do we want to? Do we have enough energy saved, reserved, and structured to serve those outside of our immediate purview?

How do we reconcile the rift between our public and private lives and personas?

When I was younger, it was all of no consequence. Now, I ponder what I truly meant when I wrote those words. Was it a whimsical way of saying c’est la vie? Everything will be will be? Was there a depth of the spiritual understanding that we are all in some way predestined to walk out the lessons we must learn to ascend to higher levels of compassion? And now that I am older, where does my understanding of duty, grace, and forgiveness sit within a trusting spiritual path of some form of enlightenment? 

Dharma (I) – work/duty

Karma (II) – the residue of past life consequences that follows the soul through many incarnations

Public (I) – the existence of many

Private (II) – secrecy, confidentiality 

Duality (I) – two paths

Tao (II) – the way, the middle path between dark and light, positive and negative

Sensual (I) – that of our senses

Tangible (II) – that which we can touch, attain

General (I) – a leader in war

Civilian (II) – those outside of the military construct

Sage (I) – a wise seer

Sinner (II) – one who believes they can break spiritual laws

No matter how much we can ponder, life is not without offenses, but those offenses can be cared for and healed with deep self-reflection and openness to the messages the esoteric energies are attempting to convey. There are no mistakes, only opportunities to correct ourselves and become the human beings we envision ourselves to be. Nonetheless, not everyone strives towards the illuminating advancement of love. Some say there are spiritual beings on Earth who approach us when we are heading down the path of death and destruction, but their only job is to guide us towards deepening our relationships with ourselves, which ultimately leads us to be more receptive and healing in the lives of others.

Everything is of consequence.

But the consequences are not to be feared – not all consequences are painful, yet it is our perceptions that cause us to experience hurt. There is a very real reality of causing hurt because we have very little control of other’s perceptions but with self-awareness and intention we can minimize the amount of hurt we cause by asking ourselves what are the consequences of our actions?

Jordannah Elizabeth is the founder and editorial director of Publik / Private. She is the author of Don’t Lose Track, The Warmest Low, and upcoming books She Raised Her Voice!: 50 Black Women Singers Who Sang Their Way Into Music History and Astrology for Black Girls due out in 2021 and 2022.


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