P / P Master Class Six: Handwriting Sharpens Your Creative Talent

JE’s personal handwriting and notebook.

I have been publishing excerpts from Shakespeare on Publik / Private for a reason. I believe handwriting and transcribing texts is the best way to morph your raw creative talent into a disciplined, patient way towards long form writing. 

Carry two notebooks and three pens everywhere you go.

One notebook should be for journaling, story and lyrical ideas. The other notebook should be for handwriting schedules and practical life notes (accounting, grocery list and important contacts). Carry three pens because at least one isn’t going to function well after being jostled around in your backpack, laptop bag or purse.

When you sit down to work, write in your notebook before you use your computer.

Writing in your notebooks will allow you to learn to have the discipline to not depend on your computer for every task you have in life. If you have your calendar and all your writing ideas solely on your laptop or in the cloud, you will not be able to access your work if you don’t have a device on you. I’ve seen creative and professionals and writers have their computers malfunction, leaving them without a way to work. Don’t put yourself in this position.

Hand write your top 25-50 contacts in an address book.

Again, it is important not to be completely dependent on your devices. If you switch phones, change emails or break your laptop you’re going to be without the important emails and phone numbers you depend on.

For discipline and inspiration transcribe passages from your favorite books.

Good writers create exercises that demand repetition and discipline. Transcribing your favorite literature, poetry and nonfiction books by will sharpen your memory, information retention, hand eye coordination and your ability to analyze writing.

Depend on your mind, intelligence, hands and language before you depend on any device.

I know it sounds old school, but you can’t depend on any device to advance your creative writing skills. Everything comes from your mind, heart, soul and natural passion.




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