Publik / Private Returns to Baltimore Book Fest w/ the Premiere of “The Warmest Low Reader: The Deep Blue Sea”

Publik / Private and Publik / Private Small Press returns to Baltimore Book Festival with the premiere of our new chapbook, “The Warmest Low Reader: The Deep Blue Sea,” the second installment of the existential chapbook series written by author and Publik / Private founder, Jordannah Elizabeth.

September 30th at 4 pm at Red Emma’s Radical Bookfair Pavilion

“The Warmest Low is a story about a broken heart that happen to get broken in Baltimore—and the dreams and nightmares, weather, insects and strangers on the street who drove the writer’s journey of self-discovery…and eventually healing. A discussion with author Jordannah Elizabeth opens the door to celebrate Black diversity, individualism, and creative freedom.”

Order the first installment of the series “The Warmest Low (Chapbook One) Limited Edition Two

Jordannah Elizabeth is an author, musician and independent scholar who has taught/lectured in several universities and creatives spaces. She has been a guest journalist at Harvard University’s Black Lives Matter: Music, Race and Justice and has spoken at the Baltimore Book Festival, De Monte University, the Pratt Institute, the Center for New Music and taught several workshop courses at Maryland Institute College of Art.  Jordannah’s music articles were have been published in an anthology called “Don’t Lose Track Vol. 1: 40 Articles, Essays and Q&As,” a chapbook series called, The Warmest Low. Her work has appeared in O Magazine, Ms. Magazine, Village Voice and other reputable outlets.


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