Publik / Private Free Writing Workshop: Conscious Self Assertion & Black Women’s Identity

Photo Credit: Galore, Photography & Creative Direction By Prince + Jacob


“Conscious Self Assertion & Black Women’s Identity: Writing Workshop”

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July 15, 2017 & July 29th 

Fred Lazarus IV Center, 131 W North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21201

Publik / Private Presents:Conscious Self Assertion and Black Women’s Identity will be a writing course on Black women’s existential experience with interpersonal interactions and how systemic pushback affects their self identity. When Black women and women of color make bids and investments in their relationships and environments, many times they are met with accusations of aggressive behavior. I’d like to take “Aggressive” back and call it, “Conscious Self Assertion” bringing self esteem and persistence into Black women’s relationships with the world.

Through discussion and writing, we can learn more about our own self images and how we think the world see us. Later, we can discuss and write about our assertion of presence of the world and how to withstand societal pushback.


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