P / P Books: Early Spring Reading List

Written By: Jordannah Elizabeth

Spring has finally sprung. It took a while. For weeks I was waking up in the middle of the night, removing and adding my sweater to my body as the temperature remained unpredictable, showing itself to be bitter cold, then pleasantly bearable at the drop of a hat throughout March and half of April. I will soon put away my space heater and replace my comforter with lighter sheets, and more importantly, I’ll be taking a personal Spring hiatus to catch up on a few things I don’t do enough: sleep and read.

There are three books I’ve been quietly obsessing over: “Modernity and Self- Identity“, “Vulnerability in Resistance” and “The Sabotage Manuals“. I even forced myself to pay full retail price for all of these books in local bookshops, which added up to what would be equal to the price of a new pair of durable shoes or two weeks of groceries, but there are some things that move me to invest. I had been reading “Modernity and Self-Identity” and “Vulnerability in Resistance” by borrowing them in and reading the books in a local bookshop for weeks, but it wasn’t enough. I needed to mark these books, consume them and carry them around until they looked worn and studied.

I have been thinking a lot about emotional availability, vulnerability and social existence in regards to service and interpersonal relationships. I honestly cannot say I am personally the most emotional person I know – moody? A bit indecisive? Yes, but not emotional. I am a realist and I have to work with my emotions, which at times get clogged up for weeks to the point where I have to take time out to sit and interact with them until they ooze out in a manner that allows me to feel like an appropriately balanced human being.

Nonetheless, when it comes to service, children and people I have this natural affinity for them and an ability to share, connect and bond. It’s nothing I control, and because of this, I am fascinated by books and people who analyze emotions, modern reality and vulnerability in activism. These things don’t always come naturally to people.

Also, I run a monthly reading called “Strangers Become Sisters” in Baltimore City and I need some fodder to read as we dig into topics like: commitment, jealousy, cheating and other concepts that seem to have been overtaken by a hugely blanketed narrative. Narratives people don’t question much anymore. I have questions. So, I look to these books to find some answers. No, I’m not going to review them for you. That would be too easy. Read them for yourself.


Modernity and Self-Identity

Vulnerability in Resistance

The Sabotage Manuals


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