PUBLIK PRIVATE MIXTAPE # 16.16 – Daydream Machine Mixtape

Mixtape and Words By: Daydream Machine

Portland’s Daydream Machine are friends I’ve made by being a long time member of the neo psych, shoegaze music community. Our love for the music connects us with musicians from all over the world. DDM are have released a new album on March 7th entitled, The Show Must Not Go On on Picture In My Ear Records. I thought we’d celebrate the release of their album by inviting them to curate our newest mixtape. PS: Here’s a link to an alternative Spotify version so you can listen to the songs in their entirety. -je

Luna – 23 Minutes in Brussels
It would be a lie to not acknowledge how much of an influence Dean Warhem has been on Daydream Machine and this song was certainly the musical inspiration for “Modern Prophecy” and that I’m comfortable believing we turned it into something wholly our own, though I won’t deny the stylistic similarities between Justin and Josh’s bass lines. It’s just such the perfect groove to frame Jsun’s critique of the bourgeois spiritual hypocrisy and diplomatic war mongering pervasive in American culture.

Spiritualized – Medication
No song has influenced me on a psychic level or as a producer more than this. I still think of the first time I heard it, on headphones on a hotel bed in London in the 90s. I sold my soul to the dual philosophies of minimalism and maximalism. The song, and the album, Pure Phase, also spoke to me on a lyrical level, one that continues to resonate with me throughout my life.

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Super-Sonic
Another track I first heard on the London bed. The BJM sticker on Peter Holmstrom’s red SG turned me on to BJM, but “Supersonic” cemented a life long love, many friendships and opportunities.

The Cure – Plainsong
This is the genesis of modern maximalism in modern record production and remains a premier example. Add to that the lyrics of desolation and love lost, there is no better song for a rainy day.

Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion
A magnus opus. 12 minutes of epic goth pop that you never want to end. A massive hit on the dance floor. Grand, decedent, political and full of Lord of the Rings imagery. So ridiculous, it’s perfect.

Love and Rockets – Everybody Wants to go to Heaven
A perfect album closer, uplifting yet dark. A cautionary tale of where the world was heading. A Bowie inspired sax solo. 80’s goth glam that isn’t heavy or metal. Superbly written lyrics that are universal.

Fleetwood Mac – Gold Dust Woman
“Rulers make bad lovers, better put your kingdom up for sale.” Just a line taken from a song about the dangers of cocaine can have on a relationship, the line has taken on a poignant political message in recent years and one I quote regularly. The darkness and emotional hollowness speak to me of a depression I know all too well. Stevie’s voice is at the top of her game and she oozes witchy sexiness that is impossible to escape.

My Bloody Valentine – Soon
Another perfect song on the dance floor and the bedroom. Shoegaze never got better than this. Another touchstone in my production style and inspiration to incorporate dance beats into dreamy guitar music.

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son
The theme song of the resistance since 1967. Along with Jefferson Airplane’s “Volunteers”, it’s truly amazing and truly tragic how relevant these songs remain.

Outkast – B.O.B
Maximalism in hip-hop. A perfect song. A prophetic song. Truly impressive drum and bass programming. Glam and political, exciting and endlessly relevant.

Tricky – Black Steel
An amazing adaptation of an iconic Public Enemy song, how are we still dealing with the mass incarnation of African-American men? The urgency represented here is infectious, a beautiful call to action. You cannot not feel something listening to this.

Joy Division – Transmission
Martin Hannet’s cold, stark and haunting production so perfectly embraces Ian’s voice of despair. “Coup de Grace” from our new album pulls a lot from Martin’s production of Joy Division, New Order and A Certain Ratio. Dance, dance, dance to the radio!

Mazzy Star- Halah
A few months ago, Hope chose a song from our first album for a similar mixtape. I’m choosing one from her first record with Mazzy Star. Hope’s sultry voice, David’s sexy slide guitar and Suki’s gospel like organ create the perfect blend of goth and country. I could drown in all that reverb and I’d be just fine. Absolute perfection.

Jesus and Marychain – Blues from a Gun
I hate rock and roll hates me.

La Dusseldorf – VIVA  (music not available in the US)
I became fascinated with krautrock around 2007 and made my first Motorik album, Music for Headpones’ Life in Mono in 2010. The simplicity, repetition and fearless exploration inspire me to no end and are pervasive to everything I produce. MFH covered this song in 2016 for The Blog That Celebrates itself, joined by Daydream Machine bassist Josh Kalberg contributing a guitar track.


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