P/ P Introspective: A Brief Woman’s Guide to the End of Freedom

Written By: Jordannah Elizabeth


Yes, Coretta Scott King was a Feminist.

(This piece is very simple with no bells or whistles. It is geared towards heterosexual women. We’ll have LGTBQ voices speak here and in other outlets I contribute to very soon. I love you all. And I love American men, but we really need to get real.)

I am pretty used to men’s drama. I’ve been told I am “too pretty” (to do pretty much anything intellectual), I’ve been called names, fired after not adhering to sexual advances, overheard the most lewd sexual jokes in office environments, and of course, I’ve been working in our culture’s male dominated music industry for over a decade. The patriarchy is a minefield I’ve learned to navigate as a professional and as a female identified human being.

Trump is a human manifestation of an unchecked pattern of male privilege induced by self hatred, insecurity and capitalistic manipulation. Trump says what he needs to say to manipulate sexist men and self hating white women. Trump hates women. Trump wants popularity and power, Trump is an American man (respect to all the complex, thoughtful men who don’t subscribe to traditional masculine stereotypes).

I believe influential American Black men have indirectly played into Trump’s persona and triumph by having artists like Lil’ Wayne, A$AP Rocky and others denounce Black Lives Matters while rapping about sexual exploitation and treating women horribly in their personal lives. Kanye West spent millions of dollars to make a life sized naked body double of Trump to sleep in bed with him and his wife…it looked like an endorsement to me. American men are taught to hate and objectify women and prioritize money and material goods over us and our children. It is how it is.

Women, here is a simple guide to navigating your life during the beginning of the end of your freedom. If you have any questions, send me an email: info@publikprivate.org

A Brief Woman’s Guide to the End of Freedom

Know your rights.

Start following legislation that has to do with women’s reproductive rights, the wage gap, ect. Know what rights you have now, and make a plan for if and when you lose them.

Start making changes in your immediate environments.

Throw out demeaning magazines, pornography, films and music.  Trump echoes wording and patterns we constantly see in American television, media and journalism. We just don’t notice them in small doses. Trust me, when Trump starts talking on your television screen every single day for the next 4 years, you’ll want to do this naturally…at some point. You might as well get a head start.

Don’t have sex with men who use demeaning language towards women.

Listen to the words he uses, how he speaks about other women, how he speaks about his family, his mother and sister. If he’s an artist, look into his art, music and writing. What language is he using and what do you feel it is insinuating? If you feel in the slightest bit triggered, take it seriously and let him know. Don’t perpetuate sexist and rape culture’s bull because you’re lonely. Call him out and/or leave him alone. Have self esteem and wait for a respectful man to come along.

Don’t ever explain your sexual preferences to a man.

Men will get angry if they feel you are rejecting them. If a man prys and asks you who and what type of partners you prefer, if he’s not the type of partner you prefer, don’t answer. He’ll pick a fight, and he could become scary out of his own hurt male privilege based assumption that he can have you at any moment. Don’t engage.

Don’t work in sexist environments.

Ask around about the office culture of firms and businesses you want to work for. Ask women, they will tell you the truth. Seriously, save yourself the trouble if you get a bad report. Believe what women say.

Don’t engage with women who constantly talk about hetero sex…

“Girl talk” is cool, but if you just met a female identified friend and all she talks about is men, and how to get them, stay away. They will attract misogynists into your life. You don’t need it. I call those women “mansogynists”, it’s the other side of the same coin. Be drama and trigger free.

Go to your gynecologist now.

Trump is going to go right for your reproductive rights. Get your body checked and make a long term plan between you and your doctor, or go to a clinic and get everything looked over and make a contraceptive plan.

Protect your daughters, sisters, nieces, ect. Teach them about sexism.

Do your homework, then teach the young women in your life about sexism and how to protect themselves sexually, physically and emotionally. Spread the word as you could prevent rape, STD’s, PTSD, low self esteem, teen pregnancy and the perpetuation of the patriarchy as young women learn to say no and draw boundaries in their own lives.

Stay calm and enjoy your life as much as you can.

If you are taking care of yourself, communicating, drawing boundaries against sexist behavior and rhetoric you’ll be fine. You’ll attract like minded people and you’ll be respected for having boundaries and self esteem.


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