P/P Journalism: The Occult in Politics

Written By: Jordannah Elizabeth


I did not purposely wait until smack in the middle of the DNC to publish this piece. It just happened to be that I found some free time around 10 pm on a Thursday night in the late summer of 2016 to release this article. I see no reason to share a more explicit explanation than this. Everything has its season.

I wrote this article in March 2016 for Broadly, a feminist sector of VICE Media, who rejected it after I put a week or two of serious elbow grease into it. I don’t know why I even try to work with VICE, I am not sure what kind of writer I have to be to meld with their journalistic aesthetic, but let’s just say the last time I wrote for them I was incredibly wet behind the ears….

I wrote Occult in Politics as a form of “writing voyeurism”. I was at a stage where I was bored with the freelance work I had been doing, mostly music profiles, lists and show previews and I had been wanting to stretch my legs and write an article that was outside of my journalistic scope. I hate politics, so when I saw my friend Amanda Salane put out a facebook post of a photo of a candle ritual she had created,while asking her friends to send psychic energy to it to protect and help Bernie Sanders win the election I thought, “Well, I don’t hate that someone is looking at politics from a different perspective.”

I think this article might be dribble, I am not sure. Read for yourself:


In light of the current presidential races which are understandably bringing a level exasperation to American citizens who consider themselves to be independent thinkers, or living their lives in spheres of spirituality, gender and marriage that are non traditional, it is important to take a look at lifestyles are being completely ignored by current presidential candidates. Even though presidents have had a long history with the occult, witchcraft and mysticism, they allow the subject to do nothing by simmer and permeate beneath the radar of their public rhetoric and ideals.

The Role of the Witch and the Occult in 2016 and the Modern Political Era:


NYC Goddess Magick music duo, Godxss

New York based musician, performance artist and practicing witch, Amanda Salane feels that the the era of the Salem Witch Trials had repercussions that are almost unfathomable to current popular culture saying, ¨In regards to sexism, I think people completely gloss over that women in witch circles consider the Witch Trials as the ¨Female Holocaust¨, and two million women died around the world because of that.¨

Amanda spoke to me about her personal empowerment and if she feels her life and perspective as a witch has political compatibility to any of the candidates running today.

¨I don’t consider myself as a witch, but I consider myself a healer.  I view witchcraft among astrology, among tarot and stone work to affect my surroundings. I am under the belief that the only way we’re going to evolve politically is to experience our own evolution of enlightenment and that´s our own struggle as individuals.¨

Amanda and her band mate of the experimental occult band, Godxss Heidi Lorënz recently created a Bernie Sanders candle ritual to break through the ¨noise¨ that was muffling Bernie´s message, a message the women think people should have a right to hear.

¨In regards to the Bernie candle, I decided to do that because of the media and how controlled it was in terms of only focusing on Hillary Clinton. I refuse to just have people blindly vote for Bernie so my intention behind the candle was to have his message and his reach the people who identify with it and who would support him and simply were not able to because of the media block.¨ said Amanda.

In an essay entitled, ¨Cry of the Millennial Witch¨ written by writer and practicing witch, Ora Moon, Ora´s general message resonates with what Amanda feels about politics and the modern witch´s lifestyle and perspective, ¨I am part of a generation of witches rising up to say Fuck it. A generation of witches that has been burned too many times, and refuses to silently wither away in the flames again.¨

When asked if she feels more empowered as a witch in American culture  in 2016 compared to how practicing witches have been treated in the past, Amanda replied, ¨Definitely, I think more people are practicing magick and I think it has a lot to do with consciousness. We are in the Aquarian Age, which was brought by the advent of the internet. Aquarius rules the rebel and eccentricity so now, people are owning being different and weird, especially through social media. So, it is definitely empowering in that way.

I also asked for Bernie to be protected because Hillary Clinton (in my eyes), is a total vampire. After a debate with Bernie, she would go home and download everything that he said and would repeat his ideals two or three weeks later. I also sent out energy to protect him from forces that were trying to suck energy from him.


The American leadership has had a relationship with the occult and witchcraft since before The United States of America was officially formed as an independent country. The Salem Witch trials took place in 1692 and 1693 in colonial Massachusetts.

The colony of Massachusetts were involved in the heinous murder of women who were accused of being witches in 1692, setting an eerie folklore of hatred against people who practiced witchcraft, if not a solid precedence of social and cultural shaming and opposition towards people who openly practiced Wicca and witchcraft. The injustice of these trials remains in modern culture through the lack of common knowledge that the women who were accused and killed after being convicted of Witchcraft were all exonerated, having their convictions reversed between 1711 and 1957.

“As time went by, more and more reports of irregularities during the trials came to light. Samuel Sewall, one of the judges, issued a public confession of guilt and an apology, and several jurors came forward to say that they were “sadly deluded and mistaken” in their judgments. Many of the relatives of the accused brought court cases in an attempt to clear the family name, and many petitions were brought to formally reverse convictions. In 1711, 22 people listed in a 1709 petition were granted a reversal of judgment and, later, monetary compensation. As late as 1957, the last six who had been wrongly convicted and executed were publicly exonerated.

There was also evidence of repentance within the Salem Village Church and, in 1703, the members of the church voted to reverse some of the excommunications they had imposed at the height of the hysteria. In 1706, Ann Putnam, one of the most active accusers, joined the Salem Village church and publicly asked forgiveness, claiming that she had not acted out of malice, but that she had been deluded by Satan into denouncing innocent people like Rebecca Nurse. She was accepted for full membership.

The Chief Justice William Stoughton, however, who was arguably as much to blame as anyone for the tragic episode, refused to apologize or explain himself, and even criticized Phips for interfering just when he was about to “clear the land” of witches. Stoughton became the next governor of Massachusetts.” –Witchcraftandwitches.com

In 1776, when the Constitution was signed and the United States was established, there was an effort to include religious freedom under the law, so compared to a number of International policies and laws The Constitution is somewhat inclusive towards witchcraft and the Wiccan religion and recognizes Witchcraft as a legitimate religion.

“In 1985, Dettmer v Landon (617 F Supp 592) the District Court of Virginia pursuant to rule 52 (a) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure ruled that Witchcraft is a legitimate religion and falls within a recognizable religious category In 1986 in the Federal Appeals court fourth circuit. Butzner, J. affirmed the decision (799 F 2d 929) Since in most cases Federal law, even case law supersedes state law in this type of matter, the affirmation by judge Butzner clearly sets Witchcraft as a religion under the protection of constitutional rights.

The Church of Wicca (or Witchcraft) is clearly a religion for First Amendment purposes.” –Peganandproudofit.com

The Reality of the Normalization of Witchcraft in Politics in America – Our Presidents and the Occult

The Reagans and Astrology:

Those who are in their mid 30s and older may remember the widely publicized controversy of Nancy and Ronald Reagan being avid believers in Astrology, looking to horoscopes on a regular basis. Reagan did his best to respond to the allegations, unable to outright deny his interest, but making clear that he did not use Astrology to make political decisions.

Astrologer, Joan Ceciel Quigley was made famous after being called on by Nancy Reagan in 1981 to advise her and President Reagan. Her identity and connection with the White House was kept under wraps until her identity and role was revealed by the President’s  Chief of Staff, Donald Regan. This can be considered an example of an attempt at normalization of witchcraft and the occult, but the idea unravels after the news of Quigley´s influence in the White House was sensationalized and scandalized forcing the First Lady and the President to publicly explain their involvement, beliefs and religious roles in regards to their political practices.

Secret Societies:

The United States presidents are notoriously known for being a part of a number of secret societies that are upheld and designed to cater to the elite. Many people may think that the Freemasons, a massive club of ¨morality¨ and mysticism for men in America is the most powerful secret society, but that is not true, secret societies like the Bilderberg Group, Illuminati and Skull and Bones include some of the United States top politicians like David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Alan Greenspan, Donald Rumsfeld and John Kerry. The members of these societies whose missions vary from Foreign relations, to fraternity like clubs are filled with white male politicians, billionaires and ¨thought leaders¨. Most of American culture is completely denied access if not knowledge of these groups, clubs and societies.

The Presidents of the United States and the American elite have been methodical about keeping themselves nearly inaccessible to its country’s citizens, creating an air of mystery and superiority, creating a rift in the disparity between them, female citizens, people of color, immigrants and virtually everyone who does was not born into their social circle and families.

This is all made clear by the bigoted rhetoric that Donald Trump has been spewing during his candidacy, revealing the extremity of  how America’s elite treats journalists, people of color, women and the poor – essentially with poisonous arrogants and no regard for their day to day personal lives and struggles, and almost completely ignores the LGTBQ and Trans communities.





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  1. If the writer doesn’t know the difference between “drivel” and “dribble,” their writing is probably the former.

    • I appreciate this very much. This was helpful. Yes, I am a self taught writer and I threw this piece up and have noted on social media is hasn’t been formally edited. Publik / Private is a place for me to be more casual with my work, but of course, if you see anything off, I am welcome notes!

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