Silent Fast Diaries Entry #2: Lessons in Gemini

Written By: Jordannah Elizabeth


Photo Credit: Jordannah Elizabeth

Anyone who knows me knows I am interested in…almost everything, but I can say that I am particularly interested in following the transits of the planets and the affects their movements have on our earthly experiences and emotions.

June is the season of the Gemini birthday. I scheduled my silent fast around a particular Gemini birthday dinner party which was appropriately called, ¨Gemini Potluck¨ because I enjoyed the company of the friends who would attend. I had already collected a nice pile of vinyls, books, comics, canvases and other artsy trinkets I knew any artist would enjoy so I was able to pick a few items from my collection for the party with ease.

I wasn’t too fixated on Gemini as an astrological affect and transit at the point, but I was still shaken by a couple of falling outs I had experienced and had a small inclination that since Gemini was ruled by the planet of Mercury, which rules communication, the months may have had something to do with my social communications going array – planetarily speaking. I called a car to the party which was 4 blocks away because rain was pouring down outside. For some reason Uber and Lyft´s GPS would cars to an alley behind my apartment in downtown Baltimore, so I learned to call ahead to guide the drivers to the correct spot. Because it was rainy, I was standing in my apartment/row house´s dense doorway where the driver would have to follow my instructions because I wasn’t in eye’s view. Well, one driver continued to follow the GPS instead of my directions and screamed at me because he kept following the GPS, the very thing I specifically instructed him not to do in circles, causing him to drive around in circles three times.

With that interaction, I walked into the party about 15 minutes early shaken and insecure. I couldn’t understand why people had been acting so irrationally towards me. I was able to present my gifts, a copy of my book (which I had promised months before), a small piece of stretched canvas and a Brian Jonestown Massacre vinyl record. The hosts were pleased and we were able to have a candid talk about my social issues before the rest of the guests trickled in.

The Party Went On

We sat around the larger dinner table with about 12 guests at it’s fullest. We talked about many things: kombucha, childbirth and the odd act of ingesting placenta and astrology. It turned out that our table had something to the effect of 4 Geminis, 3 Leos and 3 Libras at the table. We all marveled at the synchronicity of our signs…and time went on.

Gemini tells stories of being in-between. In between two seasons. In between two perspectives. Gemini thrives at the crossroads of conflicting opinions. Gemini feeds on complexity, diversity and multiplicity. Gemini needs variety, variations and versatility. It needs to be mentally on the move. Conversationally connected, Gemini needs to be communicating along creative lines of cognition. Rigid thinking is this sign’s Kryptonite. So too is committing to something that feels in any way limiting to this sign’s range of movement.

The sun and Venus are both in Gemini this week and they spend it ringing the bells of the mutable grand cross that has been building since the summer of 2015. The sun signifies our personal potential, acting like a spotlight, shining awareness on certain aspects of life. Venus is the planet of relationships, connections, sweetness, erotic energy, beauty and betrayal. A grand cross occurs when there is a least one planet in each of the four mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Our current mutable grand cross is comprised of the sun and Venus and the new moon in Gemini, Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces…

Some days after the party, I had realized the world was dawning on a new moon (the phase of the moon when it is in conjunction with the sun and invisible from earth, or shortly thereafter when it appears as a slender crescent) and I had continued to wonder why the energy of the season seemed to be somewhat heavy, full of synchronicity….and jarring communication. I read that Mars was in retrograde during the new moon so anything that came into fruition would move a lot slower than usual – as mars rules the military and war so there conflicts were prevalent for sure, and I am guessing any good that came of them would not be as potent or quick as they usually would be if Mars was moving in its direct motion.

To backtrack a bit, I talked to one of my good friends on the phone while waiting for the bus to work a couple of days prior. I talked to her about feeling a heavy weight on my mind and interactions and she agreed. We talked about the new moon and Gemini and she announced that she could understand how it would create a heavy energy. I was a bit confused because Gemini is an air sign and the people who are born under it are very smart and analytical, but I guess if I really think about it the Geminis I knew seemed to be very introspective and I guess I could say moody if not full of depth.

Maybe the air was just full of depth

Anyway, I went to a very anticipated show on the actual day of the new moon. Something had been weighing on my emotions and I spent two hours before the show crying and meditating. Usually, this would deter me from going out in public but I never missed this band play in this particular DIY venue, so I eased my way out of my house to the event.

I won’t go into what happened that night because I don’t want to and I write what I want to write, but I will say this: This Gemini season has taught me lessons.

I think the main less would be to follow your heart and your intuition.
Even if communication isn’t perfect, always follow the stars.


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