P / P Music: Robert Nix – Won’t Go With the Flow

Written By: Jordannah Elizabeth


Well, you know everything we do here is outside of the box. Either nothing or everything is left to the imagination, but artists like Robert Nix don’t even fit neatly into an all or nothing context of free form publishing. His stark and chromatic style of post punk may not be for everyone, which is and is not the point. Nix has released released a number of albums, is a bold artist and musician and does what he wants on a continual basis. I like that.

Robert Nix is largely recognized as an innovative alternative artist, incorporating alternative, postpunksynth, new wave, pop, classical and progressive rock into his songs and appealing to the ‘intelligent alternative music fan’.

With his unique songwriting style, musical approach and distinctive haunting voice Nix stands out from the rest of the crowd.

“Once in a Blue Moon”, Robert’s latest release, is his 5th. The album reveals an artist dedicated to recording his own brand of song. Nix handles all aspects of the album’s writing, performance and production.


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