A Safe Way to Awaken To Brutality

Written By: Jordannah Elizabeth

Take a moment. Let your guard down. Open your heart to the reality of a constant massive loss of souls.

Acknowledge that somewhere, right now people are being brutally raped, beaten,

tortured, maimed, burned and beheaded. Imagine the screaming, the fear and the unspeakable pain.

Know it, understand it, let the visualizations run quickly through your mind.

Stay open, don’t shut it off for five minutes.

Awaken. Be grateful.

Stop and understand what you saw in your mind and what you felt in your consciousness,

body and spirit. Remember, and remind yourself when you begin to complain of experiencing

lack, a small illness or a social slight.

And when you see a human being in danger, remember your understanding,

acknowledge that they are in danger, sit with it for a second, then react and protect.

You will learn to love and protect a stranger that is not your kin.

Accept that. Know that will make you respect a fuller spectrum of the human experience.

You will be more fully realized. And will have a greater capacity of love.


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