Publik / Private Mixtape 14.14 – Goldmine Sacks Mixtape

By: Sjimon Gompers

Sjimon Gompers, creator of the weekly Impose Magazine music column, Goldmine Sacks, was kind enough to compile Publik / Private’s 14th mixtape. Every Friday, Gompers chooses the best of the best in national, independent and underground artists to feature, sharing his distinctive voice through in- depth interviews and insightful commentary.

It is obvious the individuated attention he gives each band. He carefully constructs each piece with an unparalleled breadth of knowledge and wealth of insight. We are at a loss as to how he is able to produce such a lengthy column in just six days. He is truly a force of nature!

Give Sjimon’s mixtape a good hearty listen, then listen again and again!

Sjimon Gompers press photo by Ivy Jones

Photo By:  Ivy Jones


“The arts of writing, recording, drawing, painting, filming and sketching express identity, places, and time. These outlets and mediums allow us to make sense of our world when our worlds and environment don’t make any sense and even provide a portal of escape to somewhere we’ve never gone, imagined, or dreamt up before. These conduit devices that relay vision and voice are for many of us the sole purpose that makes each day, week, month, and year bearable and provides a self-designed alternative to everything happening around, and a chance to embrace something new that has never existed before.

As our current times default along the lines of technocratic systems, parades of potential despots fighting for power, and ominous omni-armed oligarchies buying up our former plots and platforms of autonomy and independence — we look to the people who make today and tomorrow a world that we all want to inclusively live in. As our addictions and self-affirmation are attached to petty devices and self-congratulating social networks that make us increasingly more insular and afraid of each other — we as a people become more estranged to ourselves, and even worse, apathetic to our own surrounding environments. It’s time we all started embracing one another again, partaking in the joy, and collective cornucopia of arts and humanities that everyone brings to our shared universal table. If we can dismantle the negative trends of corrosive, uncaring, and prejudiced group-think that cast barriers of stumbling boulders in our path; perhaps once again we can appreciate each other as beautiful individuals, embrace each other as equals, learn from one another, and create together the world we all want to co-habitats in. For those that have inspired all of the aforementioned, and have caused us to feel and think again with open hearts and minds—these following selections are dedicated to those persons, and all the star-bright luminaries that we have yet to discover and know.


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