Curated & Commentary By: Gregg Foreman


So, this is the best day ever. This is the best day because Gregg Foreman, the music director of Cat Power and an original member of The Delta 72, has curated the 9th Publik / Private mixtape. We’re not going to waste time pondering how we got so lucky, so without further ado, check out some of Gregg’s favorite music. He also shared a bit of commentary about the songs he chose. Feel free to indulge:


Scott Walker – The Old Man’s Back Again
This song just moves me: the groove, the sound, his voice. Viva Scott!

Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra – Summer Wine
I love Lee – I really do. He is an original and creates a mood and music that is real. This song captures a mood like no other.

Question Mark and the Mysteriansc – 96 Tears
This is a song that brought music back to the people – it had soul, it had groove, the organ is timeless, and Question Mark is a born frontman.

The Gun Club – Ghost on the Highway
The blues and the sound of punk: Ghost on the Highway inspired me, and the LP “Fire of Love” is a classic. Jeffrey Lee preached the blues!

The Cramps – New Kind of Kick
The Cramps brought us the madness with the sounds of psych, country, rock-a-billy and R&B. This is a lost classic. They brought out the B movie psychedelic jungle with this one. They really were a one of a kind and kept rock and roll in its primal blissful form. Rip LUX.

Ike and Tina Turner – A Fool in Love
A Fool in Love may be my favorite of this soul duo’s catalog – they mix rock and roll with gospel and soul, and it’s dark, sensual nature moves nearly every dance floor I have ever DJ’d.

Santo and Johnny – Sleepwalk
This is a song that is just magical – to me, it is one of thee best songs of all time. The slide guitar, the reverb, it’s all perfect.

Charlie Parker – Scrapple from the Apple
This was hard to choice – I love Jazz , and Bird could say in a few moments what others took an hour to express. He has soul and is Be Bop. Parker also inspired films and poets alike. The Beat generation, the master, the King – the Bird.

Al Green – Love and Happiness
Al Green’s Love and Happiness seems like an anthem for what most of humanity really seeks, within and without. This is a testimonial.

The Cure – All Cats are Grey
This song is on a record called: “FAITH”. It creates a mood that shaped my idea of texture and emotion in sound. I love the Cure and will always love these pure early records.

James Brown – Mother Popcorn
JB is responsible for Heavy Soul / Raw Funk – I love the groove, and James Brown changed modern music for the better. So grateful to have seen him and had a chance to hang w Bobby Byrd and Lyn Collins.

Wanda Jackson – Funnel of Love
The Queen of Rock a Billy – I own and love the 45 of this twisted tale of of romance.


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