P / P Premiere: The Blue Angel Lounge – Woods (Live Session)

photo by nils laengner

It’s an honor to be able to share with you an exclusive look at 8MM Records/A Recordings Ltd. artists, The Blue Angel Lounge’s live session version of their song, Woods. This uniquely penetrating young band from Berlin, DE has been mesmerizing their fans since they were teenagers by bellowing their cavernous psychedelic music all over the world.

We’re so entranced by BAL‘s ability to conjure intensely emotional and esoteric messages that seep through every ghostly note they express. Nils “O.” Ottensmeyer’s voice is a force to be reckoned with; there is no one to compare him to except the soul within him that shifts and spews deep concepts of inner turmoil, loneliness and wise observations of the intricacies of living on the Earth.

We hope you enjoy this video. It’s a gem that should be treasured.


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