P / P Album Preview: The Blue Angel Lounge – A Sea of Trees

Written By: Jordannah Elizabeth

The unknown end of PI arrived at a small venue in Greenpoint – Brookyln, NY at about 5 pm to meet up with French music blogger, Juliette Billy and Louise Hayat-Camard (the grand daughter of Marianne Faithful) to see a show. This was the caliber of attendees who made a successful effort to support the then, 18 year old post psych band, The Blue Angel Lounge. The international psych scene traveled far and wide to support the young band’s first American tour in 2010.

I met  everyone late that afternoon as we all lingered outside of  Coco 66 to wait for a feminist music industry panel to end so we could have a drink. The members of The Blue Angel Lounge were very polite and kind young men, and I was able to charm myself onto the guest list. As the sun went down, other attendees like Matt Hollywood of The Brian Jonestown  Massacre and DJ and scene supporter, Mick Marsh had arrived. I was endeared that we’d all come together to show our support for the newest bright young stars that Anton Newcombe had personally adopted as one of the first official bands he would support on his label, A Recordings.

Now, four years later, the band has released their third album entitled, A Sea of Trees.

I have a package coming to me which will include the full length album,  and I will review it in full in the coming days, but for now, enjoy the new music video of the album’s single, Desolate Sands.

Desolate Sands holds very true to the BAL sound and atmosphere, but lead singer Nils O.’s lyrics portray greater depth, and his voice has become more confident, sweetly coating the post psych minimalist rock instrumentation that the band is well known for.


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