P / P Album Review: The Vickers – Ghosts

Written By: Kat Collins



If The Horrors and The Vines had a lovechild, it might look something like Florence, Italy -based group The Vickers. Their newest album “Ghosts” captures dreamy psychedelic vibes that flow with on-point percussion to subsequently start a dance party inside an effects pedal.

Crisp drums accompany spacey, Kevin Parker-esque vocals that beg for answers (tell me all your stories/tell me how you feel) in the ebbing and flowing “She’s Lost.” Consider this a disclaimer for inescapable foot-tapping when listening to “All I Need,” packed with effects-laden guitars and powerfully strong drums. The Vickers’ smooth lyrical capabilities shine through in “Inside A Dream” (inside a dream/you found me/with your ghostly face/you found me), capped by a layered, colorful jam. The title track waltzes in backwards with a smooth bassline and drowning, warbly vocals that merge into angelic harmonies in a comforting kind of eeriness. The Vickers have come packing, and their eminent success is as inevitable as their talent.


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