P / P Featured Web Series: The Louise Log

Written By: Jordannah Elizabeth llog The Louise Log is a very clever and funny web series that has returned for a 3rd season after a myriad of changes. The creator of the series, Anne Flournoy spoke about the evolution of the cast, and how the show had to go through a metamorphosis of sorts after experiencing the high of completing a successful crowd funding campaign that earned the show $22,000 to produce the new season:

“We knew last summer that the original Louise was not returning, that we’d have to recast and we did. But after one day of shooting with the ‘new’ Louise, it became clear that we needed to re-recast Louise–  and on the double. Crew members had started booking other work and the production showed signs of crumbling.  The next day Morgan Hallett walked in the door, a godsend – brilliant, beautiful, generous and wicked funny.”

Feast your eyes on Season 3, episode 2 of The Louise Log to find out why this quirky, sharp comedy web series has won over their loyal fans. We recommend you follow this series and support high quality independent film and media.

For more information about The Louise Log check out, http://www.thelouiselog.com 


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