P / P Interview: Gemini Wired

Written By: Jordannah Elizabeth


Gemini Wired is a musician who is using her influence and artistic gifts to confront bullying, which is an issue that has become and epidemic in our current youth culture. Her new song and music video, What Now tackles the issue head on. We spoke with Gemini Wired about her music, passion and why she has chosen to become an advocate as well as an artist.

What makes you so passionate about anti bullying?

My passion came from my own experiences of being bullied. Most kids who are bullied feel like they have no self worth, and I understand this feeling because I’ve been there before in the past. The video for my song, “What Now” was actually my own experience. I did well in school and helped a really popular boy with his school work, and I started to get bullied by a group of girls shortly after. But I was able to overcome such negativity and it made me a stronger person. It’s important to me that I show others that they can overcome it too.

As an artist, when did you decide to use you voice to help others?

I decided to use my voice to help others long before I was an artist, it started as a kid. The only difference is now that I’m an artist my voice reaches more people. I try to make music that not only inspires but connects one way or another regardless of the content.

When you go into the studio or compose a song, what’s your process?

I think more freely in my car so I drive around and listen to instrumentals. If whatever I come up with in the car inspires me I jot it down in my phone. If I like the concept I came up with in the car I go to the studio and make a song out of it.

How do you feel you fit in in the R&B world? In a time where Blurred Lines is being blasted, how do you keep your integrity?

To be honest I wouldn’t consider myself an R&B artist. To avoid being pigeon holed I try do music in many different genres. I’ve done everything from dance music to hip hop music, and I’m comfortable with this. As far as keeping my integrity, I make it a point to do music that I’m passionate about. I don’t just want to release catchy songs that everyone likes for a few months and then they move on. I want to connect with people on a deeper level and make music that makes a difference.

Do you have any advice for young musicians?

Keep positive people around you who want to see you succeed, and never let anything get in your way or hold you back. And most importantly never give up on your dreams because anything is possible.

Do you have any new music in the works?

Definitely, music is what I love so I’m always creating something new. I’m currently working around the clock with my production team Lyve City to complete my EP. Since I’m a Gemini with many different moods, my album will be the same way. The album will have songs about everything from partying to falling in love. But as of right now the writing process is still in the works.


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