P / P Throwback: P.P. Arnold

Written By: Hunter Stroope

When magic ceases to prevail, the darkness of tragedy overrides. The American born soul singer, PP Arnold seemed to have leapfrogged over destiny into tragedy and back again upon her every motion.

From performing as a back up singer for Ike and Tina, then becoming a label mates with The Rolling Stones by signing with Immediate Records in 1966, she was then forced to surrender her own solo recording attempts to the historically dreadful bureaucracy of the music industry’s interior.

While still winning popularity in the English music scene, after moving to Great Britain to fulfill the obligation of her record deal, Arnold toured and collaborated with artists like David Bowie, The Who, Eric Clapton, The Kinks and others massively successful artists, but her life took a tragic turn after she watched her daughter pass away in a fateful car wreck.

Back and forth the pendulum swung.

Despite the amount of talent she housed, and the glamorous elbows she so elegantly rubbed on par with the molecular structure of petroleum based plastics, she has ultimately become a quiet relic in the vast history of contemporary music, never to lead and never to reign.

Her collaboration with Steve Marriott and the Small Faces may have been her strongest contribution and the most radical musical connection in her career. Northern Soul meets the English Beat. Pure Love. Pure Heat.

Arnold belts in emotive whispers that were and always will be smoky and angelic. Basque in the presence of her soul.



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