P / P Artist Profile: Gina Alexandra Denton


Baltimore, MD
Mixed Media

The uber talented Gina Denton is a veteran artist based in Baltimore, Maryland. We love her colorful, imaginative, psychedelic, asymmetrical  swirls and orbs of beautiful madness! We received a thoughtful statement about Gina’s work from her personal perspective. 


“I view the forms in my work as a complete synthesis of the organic and the synthetic. A mish-mash of the earth-like, and the alien. When I make a sculpture, I like to think that I am making an adult baby toy.

My aim is simply to produce sculptural objects that seduce the viewer on a very basic level through color, pattern and form. Then, through the use of soft tactile materials, I invite the viewer to touch, re-arrange and play with the forms. A sculpture becomes a tapestry, which becomes a vessel, which becomes a hat.……I also have a strong interest in exploring and playing with the concept of adornment.

……Please. Touch my art.”

– Gina Alexandra Denton

gina2 gina3 gina4 gina5 gina6



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