The Awesomeness of Far Fetched + Future


Far Fetched Future is a young, insidiously accomplished NYC based photographer whose crisp, sterilely poignant photographs are the complete opposite of the haunting and foggy photos most of us moody, generation y’ers usually go for. Future’s work reveals a clarity of the truth of every moment and frame he captures. There is nothing left to the imagination as you can see very line, glare in the eye and tattoo on all of his subjects. His work is diggable and intimidatingly professional. At barely 23 years old, Lucas Farrar’s career makes most media professional’s portfolios look like high school collage projects.

He’s one of of Hip Hop’s premiere photographers, as his work as been featured in The New Yorker, The Washington Post, The Black Book Magazine and so on. But enough with the words. Let’s check the images:



Twitter: @MrFarFetched








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