P / P Album Review: Crisis Arm’s Fetch


A somewhat unwise actress once said “Stop trying to make Fetch happen, it’s not going to happen.” Well I am here to disagree- perhaps the slang term will never catch on, but Crisis Arm‘s newest album “Fetch” is certainly happening. Patrick, Kevin, and Cameron have crafted an eight song storybook that takes the listener to a new dimension in outer space. “Wake” opens with a tranquil series of warbling notes painted on a bubbly canvas, all in preparation for the 4 minute feel good journey that is “Defect.” The whirlwind “Every Time” joins together breathy vocals with MGMT-esque lyrics (grasping what little we based our union/grappling with empty echoes/toxins bleed in toxins bleed through), while “Again” brings the album to a close with a 46-second echoey dream. This release bodes well not only for 2014’s music scene, but also the progression of indie shoegaze.

Words By: Kat Collins


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