Jordannah’s Sex Mixtape for Soul Mates

soul mate can be described in many different ways, but the thing that truly separates a lover from a soul mate, is a connection that goes deeper than experiencing butterflies in the tummy, or constantly trolling your love’s social media accounts just to feel close to them when they are not around. A soul mate is a person whose presence you can sense, and whose thoughts and feelings are things that you perceive even if those thoughts and feelings are not spoken.

Soul mates possess a level of binding attraction that can effect a person to the point where they other person feels like they’ve known them all their lives, even upon the first encounter. When that deep sense of familiarity hits, there is no telling what type relationship may spark from it.

There is a misconception that soul mates end up spending their entire lives together, but this is idea isn’t entirely so. Some believe that soul mates have unresolved relational issues that occurred in a past life (I know this is getting kooky, but stay with me…), so loves can meet soul mates who have they have experienced a painful relationship with in the past, and their current life encounter is a chance to resolve the issue. This type of soul mate connection can make some people who feel a deep connection with each other also feel uncomfortable or confused by the strange combination of love and disdain that they feel for a person they just met.

It’s also thought that you only have one soul mate per lifetime. But understanding that soul mates are just people who you have a strong tie or connection with can debunk that idea. You’re BFF who you’re attached to the hip to can be a soul mate. That person who you have casual sex with once a month can be a soul mate, your little brother of sister can be a pain in your butt and a soul mate as well. The point is, in regards to romantic relationships, it’s ok to understand that some of your very deepest bonds and ex lovers could have been in your life to serve the purpose of teaching you lessons of love, sex and romance.

I’ve created a mixtape that will help you tell the person you you really notice and feel a strong bond and affinity for, that you think they may very well be, your soul mate.

1. Stay – Rihanna

2. Boss Inside – Adam Green

3. Any Way That You Want – Spiritualized

4. Body and Soul – Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse

5. You’re All I Need – Method Man and Mary J. Blige

6. Walk the Line – Johnny Cash

7. The Promise – Tracy Chapman

8. Left and Right of the Moon – The Warlocks

9. Grand Children – Grand Children

10. Within You Without You – The Beatles

Click here to listen to download the Soul Mate Mixtape.


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