Publik Private Mixtape #1.01 ~ I Don’t Care Mixtape


There are times in life where the utter leniency, repression and lack of excitement in adult life stretches me to the point of apathy. It’s not my job to make people feel bad about not giving a damn about anything, but sometimes, but some times we make choices that have no real point. If I want to make a mixtape for no reason I’m gonnah do it. This is not a stance for irresponsible music selection, because I am pretty much my music obsession should be a category A mental illness.

But sometimes, I just don’t care.

This mixtape is a random, sexy, awesome mixtape that holds no rhyme and no reason except that music is tempestuously badass (I’m not even going to check if i’m using tempestuous in the correct context). I have no structured ode to give you about this mix. I just hope it makes you tingle in your pants. It’s your choice if you want to be private or publik about how it makes you feel.



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